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RE: missing candidates

> "when do they know whether they should upgrade or not??"  Should they be
> upgrading regularly, only if necessary?

The answer to this is always "when necessary".  Whether it is necessary or
not should be determined by the person(s) responsible for supporting the

>From a practical standpoint, there are stable releases of GEMS, like 1.3.7
and 1.5.2 that people tend to stick with for a long time unless they need a
specific fix or feature.

> What did we ever resolve about the idea of communicating with the
> customer to
> let them know about new functions, bugs, etc.??

I have no idea.  I just supply the information.

Much of the previous discussion centered around whether the list of fixes
and features should be made public to our customers.  The policy remains to
include this information in the readme.rtf file we ship with GEMS.