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1.94w firmware test

Following are the results of a 1.94w firmware test performed in conjunction with GEMS 1.5.10.  The database used for testing 1.95d firmware is used with two vote centers, each containing a unique report precinct and rotated ballot, where both rotated ballots belong to the same ballot style.  The ballot style contains 3 rotating races.
The AccuBasic download file is set to 194us.abo and the firmware version to 1.94 in AccuVote Options in GEMS.  AccuVotes are programmed to return overvoted, blank voted and undervoted ballots as well as blank voted cards, with override parameters printed for undervoted ballots and blank cards only.
Two vote centers downloaded successfully.  Memory card labels contained the expected information.  The vote center name neither appears on the memory card label nor on reports (as expected).
The Unvoted and Fully Vote Ballot Tests were performed as follows.  The Unvoted Ballot Test successfully accepted an unvoted ballot fed in four orientations and rejected a fully voted ballot, correctly identifying all marked positions.  The Fully Voted Ballot Test successfully accepted a fully voted ballot fed in four orientations and rejected an unvoted ballot, correctly identifying all unmarked positions.  Candidate marks/blanks in both reports were reported in the ballot order (not definition order).
A total of 21 ballots were fed with each memory card in Pre-Election and Election Mode.  Candidates as well as ballot return statistics tallied correctly in both election modes and were correctly reported in the GEMS Election Summary report upon upload.  Candidates were listed in the Zero Total and Election Results reports in the order defined in GEMS.  Election Mode reports were short.
Ballots were returned according to ballot return parameters and override messages printed on the AccuVote tape as expected.  Ballot return messages included the center-truncated race title.  Ballot return parameters were correctly listed in the long reports.
  • Memory cards programmed in 1.94x fed into a 1.95d AccuVote result in 'Please Re-Insert Memory Card' on several passes.  The memory cards may be successfully cleared using the 1.95d firmware in the Memory Card Test in Diagnostics Mode.
  • A blank voted card is returned with the 'Blank Voted Race' message but the override message printed on the AccuVote tape is 'blank voted card' (AccuVote parameters are set to return both blank voted cards as well as ballots with blank voted races)
Nel Finberg