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Counted ballot jammed in reader

Local 707, Canadian Auto Workers - Oakville received their new Accu-Vote
serial # 78504, rom version 1.94u.  Ran 12,000 ballots through.
The Accu-Vote stopped on eight separate occasions with approximately one or
two inches of the letter sized ballot exiting from the back.  In each
situation, the LCD read "Counted Ballot Jammed in Reader".  The voted
portion of the ballot had not entered the read area.
As the "expert" on hand during this election, I was asked to commment.  I
officially told them that the ballot had not been counted and to refeed.
A second Accu-Vote, about the same vintage, counted about 11,000 ballots
without this "Counted Ballot Jammed in Reader" incident occuring.  However,
this unit stopped working around 7,000 ballots.  The ballot would go in
about half way and recirculate a few times before being returned.  I turned
it off and removed the Memory Card.  Took it to another room and removed the
cover to check the CR2 light.  It went on and off correctly, so I knew it
wasn't the reader.  Tried some very stiff type 3 diagnostic cards three or
four times and the results were consistent.  Put the screws back in,
re-inserted the Memory Card and ran the next 4,000 ballots without incident.