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I would like to request that the Accu-Touch units be tested in McKinney in the following manner.

Set up 6 different groups, just like they will be set up in Piedmont.
Each group will have 3 Accu-Touch Ballot Stations and 1 Accu-Touch Poll Book.
For each group, create voter cards using that groups Poll Book.
Then vote each of the 3 Ballot Stations with these voter cards.
When done voting, Close Polling Place, Transfer Results, and produce a report for each machine.
Then load up the 3 disks into the Poll Book and produce a combined report of all 3 machines.

We should have some type of test script, so we can check to see if the Ballot Stations are counting correctly.

Vote each Ballot Station 200 times: 100 for Yes, 90 for No, and 10 blank.  These numbers can be changed accordingly, I just want to make sure that we have a count that we are looking to match.
Vote using the 3 different languages for this number above.
Check that each machine matches your votes, and that the combined 3 machines add up correctly.

We also need to check out the backup machines, power supplies, power strips and extension cords and make sure that all of these items are working.  As well as the system that will accumulate all totals from the Accu-Votes and Accu-Touches, (Yet to be defined.) 

Juan, I am hoping that you can coordinate and supervise this operation.


Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems