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Re: Famous Names

The card was burned from a copy in the production area of the McKinney office.  We are currently going through our archived demo ballot memory cards and testing them against the demo ballots for accuracy.  When we locate the golden units, we will archive a 1.94 version and a 1.92 version memory cards for use in producing the demo memory cards for the famous names ballot.


Ken Clark wrote:

It should be noted that the last Famous Names memory card I received from McKinney had name location errors in six races.
If you would like to track down the reason for your location errors, send a follow up with (1) who sent the card, (2) how it was created, and (3) when it was sent.  Has anyone else seen problems with famous memory cards?
 Up until a few days ago, all famous names memory cards were created using some version of VTS or just copied from an existing card.  You can now either order memory cards from Central Support in McKinney, or just burn your own using GEMS and the famous152.dbf database in the docs directory on our ftp site.  You might want to get CS to test out the database as I don't think many (any) people have used it as yet in a demo.Ken