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Re: Ability To Have User Set Defaults For The Election Summary Report

This is done and will be in 1.18 of GEMS.
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Sent: Monday, February 12, 2001 10:11 AM
Subject: Ability To Have User Set Defaults For The Election Summary Report

Date Requested:    February 12, 2001
Requested By:    Dakota, Anoka, and Washington Co.'s in Minnesota and Hamilton Co., TN
Date Needed:    By November 1, 2001 (MN county wide School Board elections are in November)
Description:    The above named accounts would like the ability to set their own defaults for the Election Summary Report screen.  They would like to be able to set defaults on the following items:
        Report Title
        Include Standard Title Check Box
        Show Choices
        Percents By Choices
        Sort Candidates By Choice
        Counter Group Totals Only Check Box
        Use Only Polling Counter For Precincts Reporting Check Box
One possible solution is to add a selection to the GEMS Setup drop-down menu titled "Election Summary Options" or "Summary Report Options" that when chosen, would bring up a window allowing the user to set the defaults.
Motivation:    All of the accounts named above run the Election Summary Report numerous times on election night both for the purpose of creating HMTL reports for web posting and for creating hard copy for people in the election office.  The election night GEMS operator is already under a lot of pressure from their boss to constantly and consistently produce results reports.  Providing a way for defaults to be set prior to election night so that the GEMS operator is not constantly clicking and typing in their choices every time they open this screen would be a time saver and a great advantage to the accounts.  One missed click on election night sends a different report out and then they're having to answer questions about inconsistent reporting.
Cathi Smothers
Global Election Systems