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RE: Voice speed control on VIBS

The headphones have a volume control, albeit, a mere thumbwheel.  But I believe that the changes proposed for the Ballot Station software were to allow the increase or decrease of the speed of the spoken words, not their volume.
The "#" and "*" keys can be programmed for whatever we want.  Currently, I believe they are not used.  Their was a prior proposal to use those keys for volume control because that is an apparent standard on keypads for the visually impaired.  But with a volume control already on the headphone set, using those buttons for speed control makes more sense.  This would probably reduce the frustration of any VIBS voter who wishes the machine would go faster or slower.  It would probably demo a whole lot better as well.  If you have ever had to sit there and listen to a whole ballot, you would understand.
We'll discuss this further during our conference call this afternoon.
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Good point.  I thought the issue was volume control vs. no volume control.  How am I too know if its a good thing or not other than what I am reading on email?  How can I "see" it?
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Subject: RE: Voice speed control on VIBS

Firstly, it truly amazes me that you guys want to install this sight unseen.  I don't suppose pointing out that no one has offered to test this yet will change your mind.
Second, for LA, just how exactly do we plan to get seven languages entered into the database?  I strongly suggest you take VIBS off the plate there.
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This will also be needed on seven (7) units for Los Angeles.
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We will be using (5) VIBS units in Alameda.  I would like to see this capability if possible available for them.  Could this be merged with next release?