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Re: MN Statistics Export File

This is now completed and will be in the next GEMS release.
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Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2000 2:33 PM
Subject: MN Statistics Export File

RCR:             Modifications to the MN Statistics Export File as specified below
Requested:    August 1, 2000
Required:      August 4 - Meeting with SOS to ensure we can produce the proper file
                     August 25 - Simulation test - counties to transmit actual sample files to SOS
Jurisdictions:    All Minnesota Accounts
I have been working with the MN SOS office today to ensure that GEMS is producing the proper Results and Statistical Export information.  Apparently their requirements have changed for the Statistics Export, which they refer to as the MIF, and it needs to be in the format specified in the attached sample file which actually uses the same field lengths as the results export.  Further explanation is provided below in an excerpt from an email received from the SOS office today.

Below is an example of an MIF file (miscellaneous information file). The file type was determined by reading the first record entry. If the Office code was less than 100 (char 8-1 = 0), it meant that this was a MIF file. This is because the MIF file entered the following information using the Office Code no. of 0001 through 0007. to designate the 7 different lines of data

0001 = Person Registered

0002 = Election day reg.

0003 = Signatures

0004 = Regular Absentee Ballots

0005 = Federal Absentee Ballots

0006 = Presidential Absentee Ballots

0007 = Total no. of persons voting


 0001 # OF PERSONS REGISTERED AT 7AM                  
 0001 # OF ELECTION DAY REGISTRANTS                   
 0001 # OF SIGNATURES ON ROSTER                       
 0001 # OF REGULAR ABSENTEE BALLOTS                   
 0001 # OF FEDERAL ABSENTEE BALLOTS                   

In essence, the statistics file should list each precinct 7 times using an 18 character format similar to the current results export as follows:
Field Name        Field Length
County Id             2
Precinct Id           4
Race(Office) Id    4 (values = 0001 - 0007 to define stats listed above )
Party Id               2 (always = 00)
Candidate Id        2 (always = 00)
Votes Cast           4 (the number corresponding to the stat definition)
A meeting has been scheduled for this Friday morning between the MN SOS staff, Global(myself by phone), and a representative from ES&S to discuss the details of the export files and ensure that we can provide for their reporting needs.  A test transmission of the files is to be conducted including all counties on August 25th.                  

Cathi Smothers
Global Election Systems