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RE: new report: Ballot styles w/ cards and races

New report requested:
Ballot styles with Cards and Races
Since Gems prints only the Card # and Seq # on the ballot -  a report is needed to cross reference the cards with the Ballot styles and races -  An additional column listing Card next to Ballot Style on the Ballot Styles with Races report would do the trick.
Thank you
Tari Runyan 
Similar comment to the last ballot style request (that one had to do with vote centers).  The ballot styles don't contain rotation information, while ballots (and cards) do.  The card column should be added to the ballots with races report, not the ballot styles with races report.
Having reviewed the reports, it looks like ballot styles with races is slightly broken as well.  It has a rot field, which does not make sense.  We'll remove the rot field, and then add card style for consistency with the ballots with races.