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RE: headers

From: Tari Runyan [mailto:trglobal@earthlink.net]
Sent: Monday, September 13, 1999 12:49 PM

El Paso requires headers - the shaded headers - that are linked to the races
This RCR is now complete.   There are a few limitations when compared to GEMS headers.  The IMARK code unfortunately does not have support for them.
  • You can only have one header for a group of races.  Headers don't stack like in GEMS. 
  • The appear options don't work (once per column/page).
  • The placement options don't work (next column/page).
The shade option on GEMS is also not respected.  I made the headers gray at first, but that looked "wrong".  The candidates are gray on the TS, so it made the header look like it was with the previous race instead of the next one.  The headers are white for now, just like the race text.  It would not be hard to change this.
On the GEMS side, there is a new concept called "Count Method Mask".  Put simply, you can select whether a header is drawn on either paper, touch screen, or both.  You can use this to create header's that only appear on the TS, and to filter out AccuVote instruction headers and the like from appearing on the TS. 
The same concept has also been added to the Language dialog, so you can download only certain languages to the TS.  This is useful for when you create a "language" for both English and Spanish for paper, but want them separate on the TS.