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RE: scale fonts on TS

I understand an rcr has been submitted on this already - but it is need for the November election -  all the issues are in 9pt on ballots and TS units must be able to scale font sizes up so that font 9 in Gems will look like 18-20 pt on TS
This is needed for El Paso and Marin
It hasn't been submitted, but we have thought about it.  The fonts are in general smaller than you would expect to see them in "Microsoft Word" or similar.  Note that it is not just fonts -- images need to be scaled as well.
This request is complete, and will be in TS 3.10.1.  You can set the scale factor in the Accu-Vote TS options setup dialog.  A setting of 100% will give you text 50% bigger than in the current release.  You might want to set it to 125-150% if you have really small fonts.