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GEMS-1.17. Exception when dragging an item from the list control to a report precinct tree item.

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GEMS, version 1.17 and later
To add a cumulative report precinct, according to manual section, an item is dragged from the Basic Precinct in the list control to the Reportunit in the tree control. If instead an item is dragged from Vote Center, an exception is thrown and the application crashes.
Error Message:
The instruction at "0x00892b0c" referenced memory at "0xddddddfd". The memory could not be read.
Test Case:
This bug has been reproduced using different existing databases as well as newly created one. (see enclosed database.)
1- Open database.
2- Expand Report Precinct tree control.
3- Click one of the items under Report Precinct. (In my case I used Reportunit 60 and Reportunit 80 under Cumulative Report Units, but many other items behave the same)
4- >From the list control on the right under Vote Center, drag an item and drop it on the same Report Precinct mentioned in point 3 above.
5- System will crash as a result of unhandled exception.

Attachment: certification-general-8-24-01-final.gbf
Description: Binary data