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Fw: Cards Cast report problem

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Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2002 2:28 PM
Subject: Cards Cast report problem

I am using GEMS 1-17-7-7 and upgraded the reports to Gems Reports 1-17-21.
I have started early voting for the Primary Election in El Paso, TX.  With-in the Database, I have separate reporting sets, one for DEM's and one for REP's. In El Paso, we import BRC totals. 
When I import the first set of totals, ie REP., for example, (44 cards cast) and I get a Election Summary Report for the REP, I get the correct number of cards cast. In this case 44.
When I import the DEM's totals, for example, (44 cards cast); and I get an Election Summary Report, my cards cast total is now 88.  That would be correct if I request ALL RACES, but I am not. 
I am requesting separate reports, one for REP's and one for DEM's.  The reports should show just the Cards Cast for REP's and Cards Cast for DEM's. 
The current Reports are giving me the total number of Cards Cast. I need the reports to show when selected, just the cards cast for DEM's and Cards Cast for REP's.
The database (El Paso Primary) is on the FTP site under incoming. The password is elpaso
Rodney Turner