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GEMS 1-17-21: Card Cast Report: Incorrect party totals if multi-ballot per party.

Required:    Feb 28, 2002.
By:             San Luis Obispo
    1.    The Totals for the Voter Group 1 is incorrect if there are more than 1 ballot per party.
           Consider precinct CON 204-17:
            a.    REP  TOTAL should be 24.
            b.    DEM TOTAL should be 12.
            c.    LIB TOTAL should be 12.  etc.
    2.    Very difficult to read the TOTALS in this report:
           Consider the following:
            a.     "TOTAL REP" represents the total ballots for REP in Voter Group 2.
            b.    "REP TOTAL" represents the totals ballots for REP in Voter Group 1.
            c.    "TOTAL REP" and "REP TOTAL" will show if there are more than 1 ballot for REP in Voter Group 1 and Voter Group 2 respectively.
            d.    TOTAL TOTAL" represents the totals ballots.
            Since revamping this report is too difficult at this time, I suggest putting in the lines above the Totals (shown in blue).
     If you didn't understand my explanation, please review the following illustration: