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RE: BS4-1-1-0 Vibs dialog enunciating wrong canidate names

I had hoped the primary message would block further interrupts from keyboard buffer, and that we would only over ride the "normal" behavior once with additional verbiage,
that happening when 2ndary messages are interrupted, keeping audio to a minimum...
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Subject: RE: BS4-1-1-0 Vibs dialog enunciating wrong canidate names

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        Suggestion, issue a confirmation that a  keyboard interrupt has occurred, ""beep"System playback interrupted" or ""beep"Message playback interrupted"
        or ""beeep" "6" key pressed"
        Followed by "NEW ACTION" in this case "The next candidate is "NAME"".
        This additional verbiage would only be necessary for interrupted system playback of secondary informative messages.    
Yes, this is the solution here. 
Two things to point out though.  First, we are always interrupting playback when a key is pressed:  the system plays in a loop.  Second, there is always a "secondary informative message" in response to a key press.  That's the core design of the interface.  So whatever we play has to be very short and sweet, or it will be tedious.  Playing "message playback interrupted" every time the user hits a key is going to get tired real fast.