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RE: R-6 download

Thanks Tab...but I had already tried that and it did not work.

Rodney D. Turner

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    This is not a bug.

    I do not know what baud rate you were using but you can increase the
baud rate to 115200.  To do this on your WinNT system go to control panel
and select Modem and then select the connection you are using and then
select Properties and change the baud rate to 115200.  Then on the AccuTouch
R6 unit in the Transfer Dialog select Change and then Advanced and change
the baud rate to match.


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Subject: R-6 download

> I am using GEMS 1-17-13 and BS
> When I attempt to download an election with audio files, it takes about 5
> minutes for the download to complete, and that was with just half of the
> audio files entered. Upload is OK.
> On 5 June 2001 (TUES) I have to demonstrate the download and upload
> capability of the R-6 to
> Travis County (Austin, TX). I think five minutes is a bit to long for a
> download. Is there any way we could shorten that time to 10 seconds or so.
> Rodney D. Turner
> Global Elections Systems
> rodney@dieboldes.com