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Re: AVTS- - Los Angelas database - Zero Report - Out of Memory

    I have tracked down the source of this problem.  Your system is not out of memory but the Jet database has too large a transaction when trying to initialize all the vote totals to zero. 
    We will release a new version of the AVTS that fixes this problem, along with the long database generation time problem.
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From: Jeff Hintz
Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2000 11:37 AM
Subject: AVTS- - Los Angelas database - Zero Report - Out of Memory

I have increased the paging size within the system settings several times, but to no avail it still gives me Out of Memory when printing a Zero Report.  However, I have changed it to the max of 3670, and it is still running, (about an hour now), will inform if works or not.  Robert Chen said that Alameda, which has 1100 precincts is able to print a Zero Report.  I did a quick download of 1 precinct and have no problem either.  I guess I can randomly go from 1100 precincts up, until I find what the breaking point is, but I could be days finding out the exact number in doing so.  Are these AVTS units capable of adding memory???
Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems