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RE: AVTS-3-13-1-4 - Los Angelas - Create Test - Out of Memory

From: owner-bugtrack@dieboldes.com [mailto:owner-bugtrack@dieboldes.com]On Behalf Of Jeff Hintz
Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2000 10:09 AM
Would it not be better if we had say a vote first position of each race of each precinct.  At least that way we could test all of the precincts at least once. 
Yes, all precincts, but not all candidates, which is equally "bad" don't you think? :-) 
I have to put the smiley because this is all so surreal.  If there were 6001 precincts instead of 6000, that doesn't give the machine another thing to "test".  It is just another bit pattern in the ballot record.  There are 4 billion possible bit patterns.  Diddling around with 6000 (or 6001) of those patterns is the machine equivalent of masturbation.
I suggest finding out what LA does with their punch card test, and then maybe we can do something similar in spirit.  I assure you they don't punch 24m cards.  Actually, that has been my answer to this question the last fifteen times (not by you Jeff).  If they do in fact test just the first candidate (or just the first precinct, or just the first card, or whatever), then sure that would probably be easy enough to code up.