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RE: GEMS 1.11.2 preference voting errors

  • Ballots are returned with a blank ballot return message if the preference race is not marked.  Isn't the preference race optional?
Do you mean blank ballot or blank race?  How are the other races voted?  If the ballot really is blank, then is should be rejected as blank.  I'll try to reproduce this.

Okay, it looks like you mean blank race.   Guy, please take a look at this.  Preference and straight party races are not rejected as blank even if reject blank races is selected.
  • A ballot is rejected with the preference race and first partisan candidacy as blank and multi-party votes in all three partisan candidacies where the preference race has been left blank and candidates selected in all three partisan races.  Since all three races should be discarded as blank (due to multi-party overvote, there should either be a blank race return message for all three candidacies or none at all (since the three partisan candidacies are already being returned due to multi-party votes).

Again I can barely parse this.  I think this is the same case as your first point.  Should any votes be counted for the ballot in question or not?  If not, it should be rejected as blank.  If I didn't understand you (this would not suprise me), try explaining it again without the run on sentences.

I tried this and get a reject on the blank preference, just like the first bug.  Are you trying to convey something different?
  • The Republican party is selected in the preference race, one candidate in the Democrat candidacy and no candidates in either the Republican or Unaffiliated candidacies - the Democrat candidate marked on the ballot is tallied even though the Democrat candidacy should be tallied as blank voted.
I will try to reproduce this.  Do you have a test case?
I could not reproduce this.  Supply a test case along with exactly what candidates are voted on the ballot. 
  • The Democrat party is selected in the preference race, two candidates in each of the vote for one Democrat and Republican candidacies and a candidate and write-in in the Unaffiliated candidacy.  The Democrat candidacy should be logged with an overvote and the Republican and Unaffiliated candidacies with blank votes, yet all three partisan candidacies are returned as blank voted.
I cannot parse this, but I'll try setting up a partisan race voted democrat and a partisan democratic race overvoted and see what happens.  Are you saying the democratic race will be rejected as blank instead of overvoted?
I have to ask.  Is a "candidacy" a race or a candidate?
This one is wierd.  I set up two partisan races controlled by a preference race.  Overvoted both partisan races and voted for one candidate in the preference race.  The ballot is accepted, but I think it should be rejected with an overvote in race 20.  Guy, this looks like another AV bug, but that is enough AV preference bugs to make me think I am missing something.  Attached is the database.