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RE: Recount Simple Election

As I suspected this is the same bug as was reported a few months ago regarding precincts with no cards.  Greg, since this is such a simple election I suggest deleting the precincts that don't participate in the recount and re-download.  You will have to drop back cards no layed out to do this, but don't worry your artwork will remain intact as long as you don't change anything else.
This is an AccuVote bug, and it is pretty difficult to work around in GEMS download.  Since it is a very rare situation, I'll let the above work-around of deleting the precincts that are not participating in the recount stand for now.  Note that the summary report works fine, so another possibility is to just not print the detail report, and use the GEMS SOVC.  1.94x, when it is released, should solve the problem permanently.