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AVTS 3.4.1

AVTS-3-4-1.zip is up and the password is jaouvxhtbqkty.  Here is this short "upgrade" instructions:
  • Install IMark 1.1.3 AccuTouch on Ballot Station
  • Import AccuTouch-TS.reg and delete old IMARK registry
  • Delete all \My Election folders
  • Rename \Program Files\IMARK directory to AccuVote-TS
  • Install contents of AVTS-3-4-1.  Ballot Station.exe in EBS,  PollBook.exe in EPB, and Voter Card.dll in \Windows\System.
  • Install AVTemplate.zip into \ProgramFiles\AccuVote-TS
You can also order AVTS InstallShield releases from Dallas when it is ready.