Robust Tracking for Real-Time Dense RGB-D Mapping with Kintinuous

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“Robust Tracking for Real-Time Dense RGB-D Mapping with Kintinuous” by T. Whelan, H. Johannsson, M. Kaess, J.J. Leonard, and J.B. McDonald, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. MIT technical report MIT-CSAIL-TR-2012-031, Sep. 2012.


This paper describes extensions to the Kintinuous [1] algorithm for spatially extended KinectFusion, incorporating the following additions: (i) the integration of multiple 6DOF camera odometry estimation methods for robust tracking; (ii) a novel GPU-based implementation of an existing dense RGB-D visual odometry algorithm; (iii) advanced fused real- time surface coloring. These extensions are validated with extensive experimental results, both quantitative and qualitative, demonstrating the ability to build dense fully colored models of spatially extended environments for robotics and virtual reality applications while remaining robust against scenes with challenging sets of geometric and visual features.

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