Multiple Relative Pose Graphs for Robust Cooperative Mapping

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“Multiple Relative Pose Graphs for Robust Cooperative Mapping” by B. Kim, M. Kaess, L. Fletcher, J.J. Leonard, A. Bachrach, N. Roy, and S. Teller. In Proc. IEEE Intl. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, ICRA, (Anchorage, Alaska), May 2010, pp. 3185-3192.


This paper describes a new algorithm for cooperative and persistent simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) using multiple robots. Recent pose graph representations have proven very successful for single robot mapping and localization. Among these methods, incremental smoothing and mapping (iSAM) gives an exact incremental solution to the SLAM problem by solving a full nonlinear optimization problem in real-time. In this paper, we present a novel extension to iSAM to facilitate online multi-robot mapping based on multiple pose graphs. Our main contribution is a relative formulation of the relationship between multiple pose graphs that avoids the initialization problem and leads to an efficient solution when compared to a completely global formulation. The relative pose graphs are optimized together to provide a globally consistent multi-robot solution. Efficient access to covariances at any time for relative parameters is provided through iSAM, facilitating data association and loop closing. The performance of the technique is illustrated on various data sets including a publicly available multi-robot data set. Further evaluation is performed in a collaborative helicopter and ground robot experiment.

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