Biped Robots

Part of my own work is concerned with bipedal walking robots. Here are links to some resources around the world.

Dynamic Walking

  1. Dynamic Walking Workshop

  2. Andy Ruina at Cornell. Passive dynamic walkers in 2D, 3D, in theory and practice.

  3. Delft Biorobotics Laboratory. They have produced a series of intriguing passive-dynamic walkers.

  4. Art Kuo at U. Michigan

  5. Russ Tedrake at MIT. Reinforcement learning using actuated passive walkers.

  6. Steve Collins. Efficient dynamic walking.

Biped Robot Papers and References

  1. Mike Rosenstein’s biped bibliography at UMass.

  2. Walking Machine Catalogue from Karsten Berns, including a long page of walking references.

  3. Biped Robot Research in the World list from Shuuji Kajita at MEL in Japan.

  4. Biped Robot Database

  5. CLAWAR Home Page the European Network for CLimbing And WAlking Robots.

  6. A two-legged-robots survey from Jens Ziegler at University of Dortmund, Germany.

  7. Androidworld biped reference, found on a page of assorted walking robot links from Marek Andrzej Perkowski at Portland State.

Other Biped Robot Projects

  1. MIT Leg Lab, including M2.

  2. UNH Robotics Lab, including biped. Miller, Kraft, Glanz, Carter.

  3. Rob Howe at Harvard

  4. Yildirim Hurmuzlu at Southern Methodist

  5. UPenn: The CIS Home Page, The HMS Home Page, and The IRCS Home Page

  6. BIP at INRIA

  7. Jessy Grizzle, Laboratoire d’Automatique de Grenoble, RABBIT

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Garth Zeglin, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University.