15-816 Linear Logic


Note that this schedule is subject to change during the semester.

Date Topic Reading Slides Code Due
13 Jan Introduction        
15 Jan Natural Deduction natded.ps      
20 Jan Linear Natural Deduction ilnd.ps      
22 Jan Interpreting Intuitionistic in Linear Logic intprt.ps     Exc 1.2, 1.5
27 Jan Sequent Calculus seq.ps      
29 Jan Cut Elimination cutelim.ps     Exc 2.5.1-4, 2.7.1-8, 2.9
03 Feb Proof Search and Inversion search.ps lecture07.ps hw3  
05 Feb Unification unif.ps lecture08.ps unif or unif.tar.gz  
10 Feb Resource Management resources.ps     Exc 2.12, hw3
12 Feb Unrestricted Resources unrestricted.ps      
17 Feb Cancelled        
19 Feb Weakly Focussed Derivations focus.ps lecture11.ps tactics.sml hw4
24 Feb Proof Terms pterms.ps      
26 Feb Linear Type Checking tpcheck.ps     hw5
03 Mar Linear Functional Programming linfp.ps      
05 Mar Recursive Types rectypes.ps      
10 Mar Negation and Non-Termination       hw6
12 Mar Classical Linear Logic        
17 Mar Linear Logic Programming ic94.ps lecture18.ps lolli or lolli.tar.gz  
19 Mar Resolution erm97.ps lecture19.ps iqblock.ll hw7
31 Mar Linear Logical Framework I llf.ps      
2 Apr Linear Logical Framework II        
7 Apr Mini-ML with References        
9 Apr Logic Programming in Linear Twelf   lecture23.ps ltwelf hw8
14 Apr Natural Deduction Revisited   lecture24.ps ltwelf/ill  
16 Apr Meta-Theory in LLF llfmeta.ps   ltwelf/ill  
21 Apr Linear Unification lics97.ps     hw9
23 Apr Non-Commutative Linear Logic incll.ps      
28 Apr Stacks and Non-Commutativity        
30 Apr Preferred Day for Take-Home Final       hw10

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