Meetings are currently scheduled for the following times:

T Feb 8, 3-4pm CMU Wean 4625

Please contact Sebastian Thrun for further information.

Directions to the School of Nursing, University of Pittsburgh (459C Victoria Bldg): Victoria Building (School of Nursing) entrance is on Victoria St. (Victoria St. parallels Fifth Avenue, between Lothrop and Darraugh Sts) Take elevator to fourth floor, walk straight ahead to the end of the hall, you'll see the dept. 460, enter 460, Room 459C is the conference room to the right. If you get lost, Stephanine Duplaga's phone number is 624-7838.

Directions to Wean Hall, Carnegie Mellon University (from Pitt): Walk down to Forbes and towards Sq Hill. You will pass Craig Street, followed by an Exxon station, and finally cross a bridge. After the bridge, enter CMU campus on your right. In some distance, you'll see an ugly concrete building (8 stories) - this is Wean Hall. To get there, just walk straight down the stairs. The entrance is right under a "skywalk." Enter the building at first floor, take the elevator to the fourth floor. When you come out of he elevator, proceed straight into the "4600" corridor. You will find 4601/4623/4625 on the left.

Check out our minutes of past meetings (internal members only).