Tom Cruise: Scientology's Earnest Dupe

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Here's "Mr. Tom Cruise" giving Scientology cult leader "Mr. David Miscavige" the galactic space patrol salute (think Arnold Rimmer in the scifi comedy Red Dwarf) at the International Association of Scientologists event, held in the U.K. in October, 2004:

And here's Tom showing off his Glorious Hero of the Scientology Revolution medal (it's actually called the Freedom Medal of Valor) as he grips the hand of his personal idol, the cult's supreme leader, Commander David Miscavige. In his acceptance speech, Cruise said of Miscavige: "I have never met a more competent, intelligent, tolerant, compassionate being, outside of what I have experienced from LRH." [Plus, he's shorter than me! -- Ed.]

Does the above photo show some gray at Miscavige's left temple? It could just be a printing artifact, as there doesn't seem to be gray in the upper picture. He's only in his mid-forties, and he'd probably use hair dye if he were getting gray -- unless he thought the gray added a touch of gravitas.

Look at all the diamonds encrusted in the Scientology ARC/KRC triangles on that medal! How gauche.

All images except the Red Dwarf photo come from the International Scientology News, issue 29, dated December, 2004. Modified and reproduced under the "fair use" provisions of US copyright law (17 U.S.C. 107) for purposes of news reporting, commentary, and parody.

Here are some more shots of Tom doing the eager-cultist thing:

So Hollywood's top-grossing space cadet likes to hang out with the NASA folks. Surely they're all thrilled with his study tech nonsense. An organization of thousands of engineers and scientists, and they're all hanging on the edge of their seats waiting for L. Ron Hubbard to explain the concepts of "mass" and "significance". Uh huh.

And what's he doing at a CCHR event? Doesn't he know CCHR is a hate group? I guess that's okay with him, since he hates psychiatry too. Love the "psychiatry kills" poster over his left shoulder. But where's his Lisa McPherson poster?

Tom Cruise vs. Psychiatry: A Video Tribute

( MP4, Windows Media, stream, Quicktime)

To learn more about the 2004 IAS event where this video was made, see this posting.

Thanks to Roger Friedman at Fox News for linking to this video.

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