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The story of Paulette Cooper

Picture of Cooper

In 1970, Paulette Cooper published a book called "The Scandal of Scientology". This resulted in a legal, long-winded battle lasting until 1986, when Cooper settled with the Church of Scientology (for the second time; the first settlement had been in 1976). Among other measures, the Church used forged bomb threats against itself in an attempt to shut Cooper up. Consequently, she was indicted and arrested. If these measures had failed, the Church had planned to forge a bomb threat against Henry Kissinger in Cooper's name. This plan has become known as "Operation Freakout".

Timeline 1969 - 1986

"The Scandal of Scientology" (1971)

The Bomb Threats

Operation Freakout

Cooper's Diary (1982)

Cooper's Testimony before the
City of Clearwater commission


These pages are derived from material supplied by, among others, Dean Benjamin, Paulette Cooper, Maureen Garde, Rod Keller, Diane Richardson and Keith Spurgeon.