The Road to Xenu
A narrative account of life in Scientology

by Margery Wakefield

Available in PDF (93 pages, 285K) and PostScript (93 pages, 227K gzipped) formats

Note: "Margery" is a fictionalized character whose story combines Wakefield's own experiences with those of other Scientologists. Testimony is her factual autobiography.

Table of Contents

  1. Implant Stations in the Sky
    Julie introduces her to the new science. Why she succumbed.

  2. Your Needle is Floating!
    First auditing session. Local org. Strange euphoria: "keyed out Clear".

  3. For the Next Endless Trillions of Years
    LA Celebrity Center. $500: Dianetics Course. Hello L.Ron, goodbye college.

  4. Flunk for Laughing! Start!
    TR0 stare. Bullbaiting. Scientology will prevent nuclear war. SHSBC tapes. MUs.

  5. Do Fish Swim? Do Birds Fly?
    Ethics, Conditions. TR1: Dear Alice. TR3. TR4. Tone 40 ashtray. TR9. Gone.

  6. On a Clear Night You Can See Forever
    Sickness = PTS. Readings, readings. Sea Org: billion-year contract. Clear wins. Spot the Universe.

  7. The Date of the Incident Is 520 B.C.
    ARC breaks. Engrams. Dianetics. She reviews her past lives. 520 BC.

  8. Star Trek for Real
    LA Orgs: AO, ASHO. O/Ws in closet. Children. Payday: $2.11. Dad is SP: Disconnect!

  9. Death on the Titanic
    MEST, Clam, Ice Cube, E-meter. She audits a bedwetter.

  10. Find Out Who You Really Are
    "Church". Grades 0 - 4. Div 6: Sales. Bodies in shop. Flap: Condition Enemy.

  11. Welcome to the RPF
    Menial labor. Whiffs of heresy. Too old. GO. Up to Doubt. Psych: spy. Ethics succeeds.

  12. Have You Ever Enslaved a Population?
    Dissem. Cooper & Meisner, handled. $20,000: into OT. Clean Sec Checks.

  13. We Are All Many
    Power, Solo, Clearing. OT1 - OT3: Xenu. BTs. To Flag: NED for OTs. She balks. Offloaded!

  14. Back in the Wog World
    She begs to return; and again. Suicidal. L.Ron debunked. She sues!

    Epilogue: Blood on the Bedroom Wall

Bob Penny, one of the founders of FACTNet (Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network), gives this account of how Margery Wakefield's book was originally published in a dual edition with his book, Social Control in Scientology :
Margery wrote the first part of the book (The Road to Xenu), and I wrote the second part (Social Control in Scientology). We decided that the two parts complemented each other, so we published them together in one volume which we first released at the 1991 Cult Awareness Network conference in Oklahoma City. The printing was done in response to demand at the nearest Kinko's or other quick printer. The volumes were bound in a thermal binding machine of mine. Both Margery's work and mine were released to the public domain in 1993, when they were offered for download on the (non-internet) FACTNet BBS. Neither are on file with the Library of Congress unless someone else put them there. The text has been available (with no remuneration to either Margery or me) on the FACTNet BBS and on countless Web and ftp sites for I know not how long.