DeCSS for JavaScript Embedding HTML

On this page: "decss_js.html" you can find an HTML file that powers the DeCSS for JavaScript source code. Note that its decryption backend is _not_ DeCSS.

It is in fact a fake decryption code that decrypts according to Julius Caesar's method of rotating a letter by 3 places to encrypt it. If Julius Caesar had been alive he could have sued me according to the DMCA, but since he is not and I'm not aware of anyone who would use this trivial method for his encryption we are safe.

To activate the HTML with the real DeCSS backend place both it and the real "decss_js.js" file in the same directory, assuming you know what you are doing. I am not responsible for the results.

DeCSS for JavaScript opens a world of possibilities from DeCSS web-boxes, to Distributed DeCSS (I'm not saying it's a practical way of doing it, just that it is possible). Or one could generate random sequences and instruct the client computer to DeCSS them for him over and over again. As innocent web-surfers now have the potential to become active violators of the DMCA - it is time to question whether they or the DMCA are the irrational one.