DeCSS for JavaScript

A hack of Hackers-IL's


You have violated the DMCA and have a working DeCSS code inside your computer's memory. To run it (and really violate the DMCA) follow the following instructions:

  1. Make sure your browser has JavaScript enabled.
  2. Fill Something in the "Input" input box. It should be longer than 128 bytes because CSS does not encrypts the first 128 bytes in every 2048 block. However, only the first 2048 bytes will be encoded by this implementation.
  3. Place a key in the key entry box. It can be any string.
  4. Press the "DeCSS!" button.
  5. Copy the information from the "Output" input box.
  6. All the information is encoded and decoded with C-style escape sequences (e.g: \n, \000, \a) because it may be binary.

A DeCSS for JavaScript Form By Hackers-IL




Hackers-IL's DeCSS for JavaScript is:

  1. The next logical step in DeCSS accessibility.
  2. Another nail in the DMCA coffin.
  3. A hack that allows you to induce innocent web-surfers into violating the DMCA on their home computer.

About Us

Shlomi Fish - Shlomi Fish who did most of the conversion from C to JavaScript, considers himself a professional programmer and a hobbyist mathematician, writer and philosopher. He was born in Israel in 1977, and has lived there for the majority of his life.

At the moment, he is a student at the Electrical Engineering Department of the Technion.

Chen Shapira - a renowed Israeli hackeress and the founder of Hackers-IL. She came up with the idea for a JavaScript implementation of DeCSS and gave some useful advice about JavaScript.


Hackers-IL is a mailing-list dedicated to the discussion of various topics that are related to computers. (with a very broad definition of "related"). The majority of the members of Hackers-IL are professional IT workers and wannabe philosophers.

Most of the Hackers-IL are either Israelis, or people who are affiliated with Israel in some way. Please do not join the mailing-list unless you are both of the above.

Even those who are not members may check out the homepage of the mailing-list at Yahoo! Groups and enjoy the nonsense that we discuss.

DeCSS for JavaScript

DeCSS for JavaScript was a hack that came up in the Hackers-IL's discussions. The source code itself was never posted to the mailing-list (and should not be), but some of the coordination took place there.

DeCSS was the topic of discussion in some threads before, and in one message, it was Chen's suggestion that it should be written in JavaScript. It was relatively ignored until Shlomi Fish realized it could actually be a good ideaTM to do so and he started working on this hack.