Digital Literary and Cultural Studies: Six Degrees of Francis Bacon // Project

As part of the "building culture" we would like to cultivate, students will design and carry out a course project, either individually or as part of a team, with the goal of presenting the work at a peer-reviewed digital humanities or Renaissance studies conference. Students are free to design a project using any data that answers a well-formed humanities question, including one of their own curation. Other possible datasets to consider include:

  • Project Gutenberg [Texts] [Catalogs]
  • HathiTrust [Collections]
  • The Diplomatic Correspondence of Thomas Bodley [Data]
  • Early English Books Online
  • Folger Digital Texts [Data]
  • Six Degrees of Francis Bacon
  • ACL citation network [Data]
  • Open Library Book Metadata [Data]
  • CMU Movie Summary Corpus [Data]
  • CMU Book Summary Corpus [Data]
  • Digital Humanities 2013 conference abstracts [Data]