Amanda Bertsch


I am a second-year masters student in the Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, advised by Matt Gormley. I also work closely with members of NeuLab.

I work on summarization and other conditional text generation tasks. My research interests include better ways to reason over large quantities of knowledge, model large-scale structure in text, and effectively integrate external knowledge into models. Currently, my work is in long-doc and multi-doc summarization.

I’m also broadly interested in meta-analysis of the NLP community, including critically examining the benchmarks, datasets, and modeling choices we take as defaults. Right now, some great collaborators and I are interviewing people about paradigm shifts in NLP; if you’ve published 3+ papers in NLP-related venues and you’d have time for a 60 minute interview, please reach out!

Before coming to CMU, I received my bachelors in math and computer science from the University of Arizona, where I was advised by Steven Bethard.

In my spare time, I write and read speculative fiction and play tabletop games.


Jun 6, 2023 Check out our recent preprints: Unlimiformer, a long-range transformer and a survey on human feedback for generation!
Dec 7, 2022 I’ll be presenting our Findings paper on style transfer for dialogue summarization in the GEM poster session at EMNLP 2022!
Jul 15, 2022 I co-presented work on bias transfer from pretraining datasets at the Gender Bias in NLP workshop at NAACL 2022.
Nov 11, 2021 I presented my undergraduate thesis work on bias detection at the 2021 Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text!

selected publications

  1. preprint
    Unlimiformer: Long-Range Transformers with Unlimited Length Input
    Bertsch, Amanda, Alon, Uri, Neubig, Graham, and Gormley, Matthew R.
  2. preprint
    Bridging the Gap: A Survey on Integrating (Human) Feedback for Natural Language Generation
    Fernandes, Patrick, Madaan, Aman, Liu, Emmy, Farinhas, António, Martins, Pedro Henrique,  Bertsch, Amanda, Souza, José G. C., Zhou, Shuyan, Wu, Tongshuang, Neubig, Graham, and Martins, André F. T.
  3. Findings
    He Said, She Said: Style Transfer for Shifting the Perspective of Dialogues
    Bertsch, Amanda, Neubig, Graham, and Gormley, Matthew R.
    In Findings of the Association for Computational Linguistics: EMNLP 2022. 2022
  4. GeBNLP
    Evaluating Gender Bias Transfer from Film Data
    Bertsch, Amanda, Oh, Ashley, Natu, Sanika, Gangu, Swetha, Black, Alan W., and Strubell, Emma
    In Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Gender Bias in Natural Language Processing (GeBNLP) Jul 2022
  5. W-NUT
    Detection of Puffery on the English Wikipedia
    Bertsch, Amanda, and Bethard, Steven
    In Proceedings of the Seventh Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text (W-NUT 2021) Nov 2021