Candidate Model Problems in Software Architecture

Authors: M. Shaw, D. Garlan, R. Allen, D. Klein, J. Ockerbloom, 
C. Scott, and M. Schumacher

Discussion draft 1.3 in circulation for development of community consensus, November 1994. See instead the online version

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Invitation: The software architecture community would benefit from sharing a set of standard example problems. These would improve our ability to work out ideas, exhibit techniques, and compare results. The Software Architecture group at Carnegie Mellon has been assembling such a collection of problems. With this draft report we would like to open a discussion about suitable problems: what characteristics they should have, what specific problems would serve us well. To start that discussion, we present ten candidate problems and sketches of several distinct architectural approaches to two of them. We invite refinements and discussion of the problem list, the solution sets, and the criteria for choosing problems.

Brought to you by the Composable Software Systems Research Group in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.

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