16-311 Lab Section

The following links will take you to information on each of the labs. Note that these pages will be updated throughout the semester. Be sure to read the Philosophy behind the labs to find out more about the labs in general. Also, a parts list and replacement costs is here. Check the links page for information on Interactive C. For Handyboard reference materials, see here.

Be sure to make use of the lab hours.

Lab 1
Lab 6

Rube Goldberg Machines
Lead TAs: Steven Shamlian, Rich Juchniewicz

Demo Video

Sensing and Obstacle Avoidance
Lead TAs: William M. Dahlmeier, Mike Shoupe

Demo Video

Lab 2
Lab 7

Robot Vision
Lead TAs: P Dhangwatnotai, Sarun Soongsawang

Urban Search and Rescue (USAR)
Lead TAs: Edie Lu, Avi Siegel

Lab 3
Lab 8

Braitenberg Vehicles
Lead TAs: David Rosenberg, Jared Metter

Demo Video

Forward Kinematics
Lead TA: Eric West, Brian Pilnick

Lab 4
Lab 9

Low Level Mobile Base Control
Lead TAs:Avi J. Siegel, Mike Shum

Demo Video

Inverse Kinematics
Lead TA: Eric West, Brian Pilnick

Demo Video
Lab 5
Lab 10

Motion Planning (Wavefront Algorithm)
Lead TAs: Isaac Dekine, Beth Buchko

Demo Video

Final Competition