15-719 Advanced Cloud Computing: Syllabus

Tentative Schedule

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Lecture Date Lecturer Topics Required readings Optional readings Notes
Mon 01/17 None No class (MLK day)
1 Wed 01/19 Greg and Majd Introduction, Use cases, and Elasticity
Armbrust2010, NISTdef2011, Vaquero11 NISTref2011, Rackspace12, Shafii12, DeanSOSP2015, Cano2016, Vieira12, Vogels16, Clarke12, reiss12, Ferguson12, Rajagopalan13, Das13
2 Mon 01/24 Majd Building a Carnegie Mellon cloud and Openstack
sotomayor2009 Nurmi09, Chase07, OpenStack16
3 Wed 01/26 Michael Kozuch (Intel Labs, guest) Encapsulating computation
Barham03 Felter14, Goldberg74, Chen01, Agesen10, Wang16
4 Mon 01/31 Majd Programming Models and Frameworks I
Dean2004, Zaharia10 Yu08, Abadi16
5 Wed 02/02 Greg Programming Models and Frameworks II
Li14 Abadi16, Narayanan19
6 Mon 02/07 Greg Cloud storage
Shvachko10 Ghemawat03, Thereska13, Alba14, Gao09, Harter16, Kadekodi18, Park20
7 Wed 02/09 Greg and Majd Data lakes and warehouses
Armbrust21 Tekiner21, Ramakrishnan17, AWSWhitepaper21
8 Mon 02/14 Greg Tail latency & interference
Dean13 Xu13
9 Wed 02/16 Greg Geo-replication
Lloyd13 Azure11, Lloyd13a, Baillis13, DeCandia07, Corbett13
10 Mon 02/21 Michael Kaminsky (BrdgAI/CMU, guest) Key-Value Stores
Andersen09 Fan13
11 Wed 02/23 Padmanabhan (Babu) Pillai (Intel Labs, guest) Mobility and the Cloud
Satyanarayanan09 Clinch12, Ha13, Simoens13, Ha13a
Mon 02/28 All Exam 1
Exam1 S19 Q, Exam1 S20 Q, Exam1 S21 Q Exam1 S19 A, Exam1 S20 A, Exam1 S21 A Exam 1 covers all material up to and including the week before the exam, including the projects. Try taking the Practice exams without looking at the answers.
Wed 03/02 None No class (time for P2.2)
Mon 03/07 None No class (Spring break)
Wed 03/09 None No class (Spring break)
Mon 03/14 All Exam 1 Review
Exam1 Solutions
12 Wed 03/16 Greg and Majd Scheduling I
Gulati12 Tumanov16, Jyothi16, Reiss12
13 Mon 03/21 Majd and Hojin Kubernetes
Burns2016 Qiao21
14 Wed 03/23 Majd MapReduce scheduling
15 Mon 03/28 Rimma Nehme (Microsoft Azure, guest) Singularity I
Shukla22 Qiao21
16 Wed 03/30 Greg and Majd Scheduling II
Vavilapalli13, Hindman11 Schwarzkopf13, Karanasos15
17 Mon 04/04 Carlos Costa (Research Staff Member, IBM) IBM Serverless for AI and HPC
Jonas2019 Stoica2020
18 Wed 04/06 Greg Diagnosis via monitoring & tracing
Sambasivan16 Massie04, Sigelman10, Chow14, Gan21
19 Mon 04/11 Ippokratis Pandis (Senior Principal Engineer, Amazon Web Services) Practical use of machine Learning in Amazon Redshift
Armenatzoglou2022 Gupta2015, Cai2018, Verbitski2017, Verbitski2018, Dageville2016, Parchas2020
20 Wed 04/13 Michael Kuchnik, Hojin Park Auto-tuning research
Kuchnik22 Mahgoub20, Klimovic18
21 Mon 04/18 Alex Garthwaite (VMware, guest) vSAN by way of RADIO
Fink2017, Gupta2017, vSAN-Note Aguilera2017, Kashyap2019, Calciu2019, Amit2020, Smolyar2020, Panwar2021, Calciu2021
22 Wed 04/20 Rimma Nehme (Microsoft Azure, guest) Singularity II
Shukla22 Qiao21
Mon 04/25 All Exam 2 Q & A
Wed 04/27 All Exam 2
Exam2 S19 Q, Exam2 S20 Q, Exam2 S21 Q Exam2 S19 A, Exam2 S20 A, Exam2 S21 A Exam 2 covers all material up to and including the week before the exam, including the projects. Try taking the Practice exams without looking at the answers.
Sun 05/08 None Exam 2 Solution
Exam2 Solutions

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