Project Information

Students will work in groups to implement an autonomous greenhouse agent. The agent will be built up through six assignments and deployed on our greenhouse architecture once a month. Students will submit write-ups about their algorithm choices and implementation to be graded in simulation and through a real world deployment. Deployments will also include a graded presentation and written report evaluating the deployment of the agent after the grow periods. Assignments will be submitted following the instructions on Canvas.
A1 09/04 09/11 Reactive Agent: Implement a dynamic single-step look-ahead agent to autonomously control a greenhouse
A2 09/11 09/25 Scheduling Agent: Utilize scheduling algorithms to reason about greenhouse actions with conflicting constraints
GROW PERIOD A tests Assignments 1 and 2
A3 10/07 10/23 Error Monitoring Agent: Implement sensor and actuator monitoring and error recovery agent
A3 09/25 10/07 Plant Status: Develop algorithms to monitor plant health and report status
GROW PERIOD B tests Assignments 3 and 4
A5 10/23 11/06 Optimize plant growth potential with resource budget constraints
A6 11/06 11/20 Interact with humans interested in plant and greenhouse status
GROW PERIOD C tests Assignments 5 and 6