Bug Catching: Automated Program Verification

Course Overview

High-profile bugs continue to plague the software industry, leading to major problems in the reliability, safety, and security of systems. This course teaches students how to write bug-free code through the process of software verification, which aims to prove the correctness of a program with respect to a mathematical specification. Along the way, students will learn how to:

Students will learn the principles and algorithms behind automated verification tools, and understand their practical limitations while gaining experience writing verified, machine-checked code that solves real problems.

Lectures: Tue Thu 12:30-1:50pm, HH B131


Matt Fredrikson mfredrik@cmu OH: Fridays @ 3pm CIC 2126


Myra Dotzel mdotzel@andrew OH: Tuesdays @ 10am GHC 9223
Cole Ramos jcramos@andrew OH: Thursdays @ 3pm CIC 2214
Joseph Reeves jereeves@andrew OH: Wednesday @ 2pm GHC Table 3

Piazza: piazza.com/cmu/spring2023/15414

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Software: This course will teach students how to use the Why3 deductive verification platform. See the notes on installation and editing.


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