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Claytronics Videos

Moving a tube with electrostatic forces [.avi]
Early demonstration of electrostatic forces moving a hand-made tube. (2008) (4MB)
Examining a stress-induced sphere made by AFRL [.avi]
Courtesy Rob Reid, AFRL (2008) (9MB)
AFRL sphere being moved by electrostatic forces [.avi]
Courtesy Rob Reid, AFRL (2008) (4MB)
data aggregation in LDP [.avi]
2007 (7MB)
Shear E-latch cubes [.avi]
Version 2 of the expanding cubes 2007 (50MB)
Phototropic ensemble in Meld [.mpg]
An example of a one-line Meld program creating a phototropic ensemble. 2007
block to man [.mpg]
Example of an early shape planning approach used to transform a block to a very small humanoid. 2007
Example of LDP to create a snake-gait [.avi]
2007 (14MB)
Ensemble Motion (Version 8) [.avi]
Ensemble motion where three catoms change the shape of the ensemble.
40MB (03/2007)
One Planar Catom (Version 8) Moving Back and Forth [.mov]
One planar catom moving back and forth around two others (which are actively holding each other together).
4MB (01/2007)
Version 7 of Planar Catoms [.avi]
Planar Catoms moving around each other demonstrated at IDF (Version 7) of planar catoms.
4MB (09/2006)
Catoms Moving Towards a Goal [.avi]
Simulation of a group of catoms moving towards a goal using the distributed centeroid estimator and connectivity estimator.
16MB (09/2006)
1 Cube Moving Another Cube [.avi]
Demonstration of using electrostatics as a latching mechanism.
7MB (08/2006)
Future Ad [.mov]
An over the top “future ad” for programmable matter as a CAD tool was put together by the ETC (play with sound on).
68MB (2006)
Future Ad [.wmv]
Above video; much smaller.
10MB (2006)
Slice of Car Design [.avi]
A small slice of the above video slowed.
752KB (2006)
Spelling Out Intel [.mov]
Video showing simulations of hole motion.
10MB (2005)
Spelling Out DARPA [.avi]
Video showing simulations of hole motion.
3MB (2005)
Planar Catoms (Version 4) Moving [.avi]
The planar catoms moving back and forth.
2MB (02/2005)
Antenna Demo [.mpg]
A small video demonstrating how changing the shape of an antenna can change its performance.
6MB (2005)
Two Planar Catoms Ticking Back and Forth [.mov]
The first test of two catoms moving with only 3 magnets each.
2MB (08/2004)
Simulation of 2D Catoms Finding Other Catoms [.mpg]
4MB (2004)
Simulation of Distributed Localization Using 2D Catoms [.mpg]
2MB (2004)
Simulation of 3D catoms finding other catoms [.mpeg]
3MB (2004)

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