Puzzle 14: Restroom

The restrooms on the 7th floor of Wean hall have just been renovated. Unfortunately, the contractors omitted to label the doors with Men/Women. A visitor to the Mathematical Sciences Department arrives outside the rest-rooms and does not wish to go in the wrong door. Standing outside the door are the famous Crane triplets: Ampule, Botule and Corpule. These guys are identical. Their own mother cannot tell them apart. It is well-known in the academic world that Ampule is a good person and always tells the truth, Botule is a mean person and always lies. Corpule is confused and half the time he tells the truth and the other half of the time, he lies. Our visitor knows that he is allowed two questions. What should they be? (Note that a question will be directed to one triplet who will answer it in his own way.)


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