Credits for the WWW Tutorial

While the text was developed by Mark Maimone, many others have contributed to these documents.
  • Jennie Kay helped with the organization and topics.
  • Bill Scherlis provided valuable insights, and a copy of his own introductory talk slides.
  • John December's list of Computer-Mediated Communication resources (especially the 3-level version) provided Net history and detail pointers.
  • The International Space University provided hardware support during the development of this talk.
  • Silicon Graphics graciously allowed the use of their images.
  • Rodney Campbell provided several useful additional links.
  • Many members of the CMU SCS community introduced me to (and educated me about) the ways of the Web.
  • Special thanks to John Ockerbloom for creating and maintaining the SCS Web persona.
  • And last but not least, many thanks to my advisor for putting up with all my Webbing.
  • There are lots of other Web Tutorials, here are a few:
  • Bare Bones Guide to HTML
  • Tutorial sur le WWW par Michel Buffa (French version of my slides)
  • An Introduction to the World Wide Web by Chuck Musciano
  • Multimedia Services on the Internet by Rodney Campbell
  • Introductory WWW Talk by Dan Wallach
  • WWW Seminar by Tim Berners-Lee
    The following aren't slides, but might be useful offline:
  • Guide to Cyberspace by Kevin Hughes
  • Internet Tutorials for Specific Applications, resource list maintained by John December
  • Clarkson HTML Tutorial
  • HTML and the World-Wide Web: Raising ASCII Text to a New Level of Usability by Jeff Barry
  • Internet Training Resources by Neil Enns (mainly for folks giving a talk)
  • Internet Roadmap will eventually have a six-week Web tutorial by email
  • Dicas sobre serviço www (info in Portuguese)
  • Introduction au World-Wide Web (info in French)
  • Einführung in das World Wide Web (info in German)
  • Una ventana al mundo de Internet y Un Glosario de Internet (info in Spanish)

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