Jennifer S. Kay

This page is no longer being updated. See my web page at Rowan.

General Information

I graduated with my Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon in December of 1996. I still read my email at CMU, you can email me at In September 1998, I joined the Computer Science Department at Rowan University as an associate professor.

Before joining the faculty at Rowan, I was a member of the AI Laboratory at the Advanced Technology Laboratories in Camden, New Jersey Check out ATL's live view of the Philadelphia skyline.

I am also a part-time faculty member in the Computing Sciences Department at Villanova University.

Research Information

For my Ph.D., I worked on the STRIPE system, which is part of the Navlab Project. STRIPE is a system for teleoperating vehicles across low bandwidth links, and links with delays. I was a member of the CMU Vision and Autonomous Systems Center (VASC), which is a part of the Robotics Institute. I was also a founding member of VASC's Software Documentation Initiative (SDI), an attempt to put information about our software environment on-line.

My areas of interest include intelligent software agents, robotics (especially mobile robots), vehicle teleoperation, human-computer interaction, user interfaces, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. I've also dabbled in cryptography and computer security.

My most recent paper, The ATL Postmaster: A System for Agent Collaboration and Information Dissemination, was presented at Agents '98 in May.


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I did my undergraduate work at the University of Pennsylvania, in Computer Science (in the School of Engineering and Applied Science) and in Mathematics (in the School of Arts and Sciences). I also worked in the GRASP Lab at Penn. While I was an undergraduate I also spent a year as a visiting student at Somerville College, Oxford University, which is in Oxford, in the United Kingdom. I've also been a research assistant at the AI Vision Research Unit in the Psychology Department at the University of Sheffield.

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