Projects in 15-820 (B) Advanced Topics In HCI:
User Interface Software, Spring, 1996

Instructor: Brad Myers

In Spring, 1996, the "Advanced Topics In HCI" course at Carnegie Mellon University was divided into five groups, each of which implemented a fairly large project.

The projects were:

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Project Title and Description

Implemented Using



Algebra Tiles, A tutor for beginning algebra students. Amulet Neil Heffernan and Rob Miller
Picture Nitpick Counter-Example Analyzer, a system to visualize the counter examples discovered by the Nitpick analyzer for software specifications in Z. Amulet Craig Damon and Geoff Langdale

Virtual Office Builder, a Web based tool to build layouts of rectangular offices and populate them with people and printers. Java, and Symantec
Arn Hyndman and
Angela C. Jury


Concorde, An instant-message system for Macintoshes connected to a common AppleTalk network, similar to BroadCast. Each message appears in a single window, accompanied by an icon and a signature. MetroWerks Codewarrior Chris Grimes and Paul Krier
Picture The Intra-Operative Software(IOS) is a graphical user interface designed to provide real-time guidance and navigational feedback to the surgeon/technician. See a message about the actual use. Xforms toolkit under SGIs Eric Kischell,
Sumitha Rao, and Elie Jean-Philippe

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