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Craig A. Damon

I am a sixth year doctoral student in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. I expect to complete my degree in winter 1999/2000.

I am researching mechanisms that can efficiently discover solutions to relational formulae that arise in software engineering applications. My thesis research is developing a family of techniques, collectively called selective enumeration, that reduce the number of cases needed to consider for a sound generate-and-test approach. This work has been incorporated in the tools Ladybug and Nitpick.

I am looking for a job teaching on the eastern seaboard, preferrably in New England and ideally at a small, liberal arts college.

Brief Biography

Research Interests

  • Analysis of Code
  • Program Understanding
  • State Based Analysis
  • Analysis of Software Designs
  • Nitpick Project (Publications)

  • Object Systems
  • Databases (Publications)

  • Human Computer Interaction
  • End User Application Development
  • Prototyping Support

  • And Even More Importantly...

      Christopher Arthur Damon was born December 31, 1994.

      And is growing up quite nicely.

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