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3.6 Bagging versus Simple network ensembles

Figure 6 shows the Bagging and Simple network ensemble results from Table 2. These results indicate that often a Simple Ensemble approach will produce results that are as accurate as Bagging (correlation results from Table 3 also support this statement). This suggests that any mechanism which causes a learning method to produce some randomness in the formation of its classifiers can be used to form accurate ensembles, and indeed, Ali and Pazzani [1996] have demonstrated similar results for randomized decision trees.

Figure 6: Reduction in error for Bagging and Simple neural network ensembles as a percentage of the original error rate. Also shown (white portion of each bar) is one standard deviation for these results.
\begin{figure}\centerline{\psfig{,height=7.0in,bbllx=12pt,bblly=36pt,bburx=560pt,bbury=778pt} }

David Opitz