Garnet Applications

There have been over 80 Garnet-based applications written by diverse groups all over the world. This is a sample of some of them.

Home Pages for Projects Using Garnet:

  • The Graphical Belief project at StatSci.
  • The Amphion project at aims to make knowledge-based software enginnering (KBSE) a reality for NASA.
  • Humanoid: model based user interface development environmnent.
  • Cactus: A simulation system modelling public order incidents for training and planning.
  • Poems: A collaborative expert system for post-operative care.
  • CLARE: A graphical programming environment for batch process automation.
  • CS451 Artificial Intelligence at Millersville University uses Garnet
  • Spoken language understanding project at the University of Tokyo.
  • Screens That Garnet Users Have Sent Us:

  • Roentgen: Case-based aid to radiation therapy planning
  • CLARE: Capture and visualization of plant process control information
  • Metallurgical Expert System
  • THESEUS: Using Maze Search to Introduce Computer Science
  • Surf-Hippo: Neuron Simulator
  • GMD: Graphical Mud (Multi-User Domain) Designer
  • Sage: Automatic graphics presentation system
  • Electronic Encyclopedia Exploratorium
  • The Developmental Soar Interface
  • COSMA: The CoOperative Scheduling Management Agent
  • DESSERT: DEcision Support Systems for sERvice managemenT
  • Graphical Interval Logic (GIL): A visual language for temporal reasoning
  • PLATIN: Extending automatic theorem proving by planning
  • NASA's Dedal
  • TURNINT: Expert Process Planning System for Turning Operations
  • Pursuit: A programmable visual shell