Electronic Encyclopedia Screen Shot

Mike Salisbury

University of Washington, Department of Computer Science
Electronic Encyclopedia

The Electronic Encyclopedia is an electronic how-things-work book. It allows the user to learn about devices by experimenting with the components of those devices in a lab simulation setting. A causal model simulator lies beneath the user interface which simulates the current device and can provide causal explanations of the results of that simulation. Other high-level tools are planned for future enhancement.

F. G. Amador, D. Berman, A. Borning, T. DeRose, A. Finkelstein, D. Neville, Norge, D. Notkin, D. Salesin, M. Salisbury, J. Sherman, Y. Sun, D. S. Weld, and G. Winkenbach. Electronic "How Things Work" Articles: A Preliminary Report. University of Washington, Department of Computer Science and Engineering Technical Report 92-04-08. June, 1992.