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The Computer Vision Homepage is divided into several categories. Select the category that best describes your link by clicking on the associated image, then fill out the form that magically appears. Each form contains category-specific instructions as well as examples of typical field values. If you are unsure of the category for your link, try reading the category descriptions. Once you have filled out the form, press the submit button at the bottom of the page.

The emphasis of the Computer Vision Homepage is on computer vision research. Please do not submit links that are not related to computer vision. They will not be added. All submissions are verified and possibly edited for content before being officially added to the Computer Vision Homepage, but in the meantime, you can verify your submission on the unfiled entries page. If you have problems with a submission form (such as "It's not working" or "My browser does not support forms"), send email to us ( with a description of the problem and the details of the link which you would like to add. We'll fix the problem and add your link to boot.

In order to maintain quality of the links listed on the Computer Vision Homepage, we request that you follow a few general guidelines in the creation of your website:

You might find these tips on writing better HTML from Mark Maimone's Web tutorial useful.

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Reporting updates and broken links

The forms don't support updates to existing links or reports of broken links. If you suspect a link is broken, please make sure that the problem is not just a temporary bad network connection or a misbehaving server. To report broken links, updates, or anything else, send email to us at

Thanks for supporting the Computer Vision Home Page!

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