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SCM: Portable implementation of a R4RS Scheme in C.


   config/    SCM CONFIG: Uses GNU autoconf to build SCM for 
   hobbit/    Hobbit: Compiler for SCM code.
   macscm/    MacSCM: Macintosh support library for the scm 
              Scheme interpreter
   scm/       SCM: Portable implementation of a R4RS Scheme in 
   smg_scm/   SMG SCM: Adds VMS SMG screen management routines 
              to SCM.
   turtlegr/  TURTLSCM: Turtle graphics package for SCM on 
   wb/        WB: Database package which may be used with SCM.
   xscm/      XSCM: X windows support library for the SCM 
              Scheme interpreter

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SCM is a portable implementation of Scheme written in C. SCM conforms to the Revised^4 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme and the IEEE P1178 specification. SCM supports ASCII and EBCDIC. For those without ftp access, an IBM PC floppy disk with the source files and MSDOS and i386 executables is available for $99 from Aubrey Jaffer (see address below). If you find SCM useful, please support the development and maintenance of SCM by sending money to Aubrey, even if you got SCM by anonymous ftp. This will help fund continued development work on SCM. Other packages distributed with SCM, some of which are required to use SCM, include: SCMCONFIG Contains additional files for the SCM distribution to build SCM on Unix machines using GNU autoconf. HOBBIT Compiler for SCM code. SMG-SCM Adds VMS SMG screen management routines to SCM. TURTLSCM Turtle graphics package which works with SCM on MSDOS or X11 machines. WB Disk based, sorted associative array (B-tree) library for SCM. Using WB, large databases can be created and managed from SCM. XSCM X windows interface package for Xlib and the Motif and OpenLook toolkits which works with SCM. JACAL Symbolic math system written in Scheme. SLIB Portable Scheme library used by SCM. SLIB-PSD Portable debugger for Scheme (requires emacs editor). TEST Tests the correctness of Scheme implementations. MacSCM Macintosh Support Library Those packages which aren't included in this directory may be found elsewhere in the Scheme section of the repository. (See "See Also" below.)
Ports: Runs on Amiga, Atari-ST, MacOS, MS-DOS, OS/2, NOS/VE, VMS, Unix and similar systems. Copying: GNU GPL Updated: Tue Feb 7 14:53:43 1995 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Aubrey Jaffer 84 Pleasant Street Wakefield, MA 01880 Keywords: Authors!Jaffer, GNU GPL, HOBBIT, IEEE P1178 Compatible, JACAL, MacSCM, PSD, Programming Languages!Scheme, R4RS Compatible, SCM, SLIB, SMG-SCM, Scheme in C, Scheme!Amiga, Scheme!Atari-ST, Scheme!IBM PC, Scheme!Implementations, Scheme!Macintosh, Scheme!UNIX, TEST, TURTLSCM, WB, XSCM
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