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PSD: Portable Scheme Debugger

With PSD, the portable Scheme debugger, you can do source code debugging for any R4RS compliant Scheme interpreter when run in a GNU Emacs buffer (either version 18 or 19). PSD lets you set and clear breakpoints, single step evaluation, follow execution in an editor window, and examine and change a program's variables. You can also let a program run until an error occurs, and then examine the state of the program. It works by instrumenting the original source code, so it should run with any R4RS compliant Scheme. Includes documentation and user's manual.

Version: 1.3 (4-MAY-94) Ports: It has been tested with SCM, Elk 1.5, and the sci interpreter in the Scheme->C system, but should work with other Schemes with a minimal amount of porting. PSD should run in any R4RS Scheme without any porting at all. Copying: GNU GPL CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Pertti Kellom\"aki Tampere University of Technology Finland Keywords: Authors!Kellom{\"a}ki, Debuggers, LINT for Scheme@{{\tt lint} for Scheme}, PSD, Scheme!Code, Scheme!Debuggers References: Pertti Kellom\"aki, "Psd -- A Portable Scheme Debugger", Lisp Pointers VI(1), 1993.
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